The quantity and quality of foods that you choose to consume play a major role in shaping your overall well-being and health. Read the Label Health Plans have been designed with the aim of providing detailed information on Food, Nutrition, Health and Diets, thereby promoting healthy eating habits and a fitness-oriented lifestyle.


 Benefits of having a Balanced Diet

  • If you stick to a Balanced Diet Regime right from the very beginning, you are less prone to the risk of obesity, osteoporosis and other ailments.
  • Lack of essential vitamins and minerals leads to numerous deficiency diseases like Night Blindness (Deficiency of Vitamin A), Scurvy (Deficiency of Vitamin), Rickets (Deficiency of Vitamin D), Anaemia (deficiency of Iron) and so on. Having a balanced diet minimizes your chance of suffering from any deficiency disease.
  • Following a balanced dietary regime ensures that your energy levels are maintained throughout the day.
  • A balanced diet works wonders for your skin and hair, and keeps you younger looking, fresh and energetic. 
  • A balanced diet helps you ensure the intake of natural foods like green leafy vegetables and fruits, that are necessary for proper gastro-intestinal functioning, as opposed to processed foods that reduce the metabolic rate of the body, and cause weight gain.


Components of a Balanced Diet

The food that we consume is comprised of 6 essential nutrients, and all 6 of them are mandatory for a balanced diet. We emphasize on steering away from concepts like fad diets, all-fruit diets and liquid diets, and focus on more on understanding the importance of these components and incorporating them into your daily diet.

1. Proteins- The building blocks, responsible for growth and regeneration of your body cells.

2. Carbohydrates- The source of energy that keeps your metabolism going throughout the day.

3. Fats- This serves as an extra storehouse of energy, and is utilized when the body is unwell or experiencing shortage of carbohydrates.

4. Vitamins- These are necessary to boost your immunity and keep diseases at bay. Vitamins are also necessary for the normal functioning of all your body parts.

5. Minerals- Minerals play a role similar to vitamins, in ensuring healthy functioning of your body parts.

6. Water- Although water is not considered as a nutrient, did you know that about 65 percent of your body is comprised of water? Hydrating your body is very important to keep it healthy and active. Therefore sufficient intake of water is also considered as an integral component of a balanced diet. 


How to Watch your Calories

The best way to watch how many calories you are consuming throughout the day is to maintain a daily food journal, and record whatever you eat in the diary and monitor the same on a daily basis. Online Calorie Counters are in plenty, but very few of them are reliable, and display the actual number of calories based on proper scientific calculation. Read the Label Health Plan's Calorie Counter offers the most convenient and accurate way of counting calories online. Register with us to find out more about our exclusive Calorie Meter. 



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